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The Township is divided into three fire districts, each with its own publicly elected Board of Fire Commissioners. The fire commissioners are the legal governing body of the fire companies, as well as the Bureau of Fire Safety.  Each Board is directly responsible for the fire protection of all people, buildings, and property in each district. The Board enacts and enforces rules and regulations, establishes and maintains operational standards, and is responsible for budgeting and disbursement of fire tax revenues. Utilizing these tax revenues, the boards own and maintain the department’s fleet of apparatus, purchase and maintain all protective and firefighting equipment, and provide for the training of the department’s members.

Monroe Township Fire District #2 provides primary fire suppression and rescue operations to approximately 14 square miles located in the South and West corners of Monroe Township, New Jersey. We also respond to certain alarms depending on their nature to District #1 & #3 in Monroe Township, and provide mutual aid when needed to surrounding towns.

The Department is staffed by career firefighters 24 hours a day 7 days a week and augmented by volunteer personnel. The crews are divided into four 24-hour shifts consisting of a Captain and four Firefighters. These shifts can be supplemented with volunteer firefighters and recalled career staff if needed.

Examples of requests for service include:

  • Report of smoke/fire in residential, commercial, and  farm structures

  • Activated fire alarm systems

  • Activated Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms

  • Motor vehicle collisions involving fire, entrapment, or hazardous fluids

  • Hazardous materials releases

  • Natural gas or explosive atmospheric conditions

  • Conditions endangering life or property

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To serve the public through the protection of life, environment, and property from fire and other natural and human caused emergencies;  and to utilize resources both on the fire ground and within the organization to efficiently carry out the goals and recommendations of the firefighting profession and tradition.

The District, as a cohesive organization, strives to achieve this mission by providing its services to the  the residents, businesses and visitors of Monroe Township by a well-planned, cost effective and professional manner through emergency response, training, fire prevention and public education.

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